Sapphire SS023


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Product Description: 

Sapphire is a valuable gemstone recognized for its magnificent blue hue, yet it may also be found in a variety of other colors except red (red varieties of corundum are referred to as rubies). 

Key characteristics:   

Type   Sapphires  
Code   SS023
Color   Ice Blue
Heat     Not confirmed
Hardness    9 Mohs
Dimension   6x5x3 mm
Weight   1 ct
Origin    Sirilanka
Treatment  Natural


Product Features: 

  • Color: Blue sapphires are the most well-known and popular, although sapphires may also be found in pink, yellow, green, purple, and orange. The hue is caused by the mineral corundum’s inclusion of several trace elements. 
  • Hardness: Sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones, measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, only one step behind diamonds. As a result, sapphires are extremely durable and appropriate for everyday use in jewelry. 
  • Sapphires may be found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, and Kashmir, among other places (India). Each area may generate sapphires with distinct properties and hues. 
  • Star Sapphires: Certain sapphires display asterism, a star-like visual phenomenon. They are known as “star sapphires,” because when examined under a direct light source, they exhibit a star-shaped pattern on their surface. 
  • Color, clarity, size, provenance, and the presence of asterism all have an impact on the value of a sapphire. The most precious sapphires are deep, brilliant blue sapphires with high clarity and no obvious inclusions  
  • Symbolism: Throughout history, sapphires have been related to knowledge, nobility, and protection. Because they are frequently used to represent fidelity and honesty, they are a popular option for engagement rings. 
  • Sapphires are the birthstone for the month of September. 
  • Heat treatment is used to increase the color and clarity of sapphires. This kind of therapy is commonly used in. 

Important note: 

The weight and size of the gemstone may slightly differ due to variations in measurement scales. The color may not be the same as in real life because of differences in computer monitor resolution and lighting. The buyer is solely responsible for any import customs duties and taxes in their country. We have no control over these duties, taxes, and so on. 

Return/ Exchange Policy 

We have a return and exchange policy available within 15 days (about 2 weeks) when the shipment is received. 


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Sapphire SS023
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