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Product Description: 

Peridot’s striking hue and low price point have made it a popular choice for both jewelry aficionados and those seeking gemstones with special features. Peridot’s beauty and history continue to attract people all around the world, whether worn as a birthstone or as a decorative jewel. 

Key characteristics:   

Type   Peridot  
Color    APPLE Green 
Transparency   Transparent 
Hardness   6.5 to 7 Mohs 
Dimension    10*9*6
Weight    3.90
Origin   Kohistan  
Clarity   INCLUDED


Product Features: 

  • Color: Peridot is most known for its distinctive green hue, which ranges from a bright yellow-green to a darker olive or brownish green. The presence of iron in its crystal structure causes its hue. 
  • Birthstone: Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August, so it’s a popular option for jewelry presents for anyone born in that month. 
  •  Durability: Peridot has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7, making it suitable for everyday use in jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, because it is not as hard as other gemstones such as sapphires or diamonds, it may still be scratched. 
  • Origin: Peridot’s principal sources include volcanic rocks and meteorites. Peridot may be found all over the world, including Arizona, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, and China. The San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona produces some of the most valuable peridot, which is recognized for its bright green hue. 
  •  Luster: When cut and polished, peridot often has a glassy or vitreous sheen, which enhances its sparkle and brilliance. 
  • Therapeutic and Metaphysical powers: Peridot has been related to a variety of metaphysical and therapeutic powers in many civilizations. It is considered to provide the wearer plenty, prosperity, and pleasant energy. Some people feel it might also aid with stress relief and mental well-being. 
  • Cut: Peridot is frequently faceted into various cuts, including rounds, ovals, emerald cuts, and cushion cuts, to increase brightness and highlight its brilliant color. 
  • Affordability: Peridot is often less expensive than other green gemstones such as emeralds. This makes it an appealing option for people looking for a green gemstone without paying a hefty price. 

Important note: 

The weight and size of the gemstone may slightly differ due to variations in measurement scales. The color may not be the same as in real life because of differences in computer monitor resolution and lighting. The buyer is solely responsible for any import customs duties and taxes in their country. We have no control over these duties, taxes, and so on. 

Return/ exchange Policy:  

We have a return and exchange policy available within 15 days (about 2 weeks) when the shipment is received. 


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Peridot PD008
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