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A moonstone is a graceful and captivating gemstone known for its elegant and spiritual appearance. It belongs to a family of minerals known as Feldspar. It has a milky and translucent appearance often manifesting blue and white colors. This gem is exclusively famous for its spiritual and calming properties, symbolizing divination and emotional balance in various cultures. Moonstones are often used in jewelry, particularly in rings, pendants and earrings to add a touch of planetary beauty to adornments.  


Type   Moonstone 
Code   MS003
Color    Greyish white
Transparency   Opaque  
Hardness   6 to 6.5 Mohs 
Dimension   15×7 mm
Weight   12.5 ct
Origin    Sirilanka
Treatment  Natural



  • COLOR: Moonstone comes in a various range of colors white, grey, pink, peach, and blue. 
  • TRANSPERANCY: It is a semi-transparent stone. 
  • MOHS HARDNESS: Its hardness is around 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale. 
  • LUSTER: Moonstone has a pearly and glossy luster. 
  • ORIGIN:  moonstone is found all around the world including Sri Lankan, India, Myanmar, and some areas of the United States. 
  • JEWELRY USAGE: Moonstone is commonly used in making jewelry including rings, pendants and earrings. 
  • METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: It is considered as a spiritual and mystic stone because it promotes inner growth and enhances intuition. 

Important note: 

The weight and size of the gemstone may slightly differ due to variations in measurement scales. The color may not be the same as in real life because of differences in computer monitor resolution and lighting. The buyer is solely responsible for any import customs duties and taxes in their country. We have no control over these duties, taxes, and so on. 

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We have a return and exchange policy available within 15 days (about 2 weeks) when the shipment is received. 


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Moonstones MS003
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