Irani Feroza Ring (02) often include Iranian turquoise, also called “Feroza” or “Persian Turquoise.” Turquoise is a gemstone with a distinctive and alluring blue-to-greenish-blue hue. Turquoise from Iran or Persia has a stellar reputation as being among the best in the world.

Facts about Irani Feroza Ring 

Some important facts regarding an Iranian Feroza Ring are as follows:

  • First, the ring’s centerpiece is an Iranian turquoise, also known as “Feroza” in Iran. This turquoise is precious because of its deep blue hue and cultural importance.
  • Set on a ring of precious metal (usually silver or gold), the turquoise stone is a popular piece of jewellery. Metal selection is up to individual taste and financial considerations.
  • Design:Irani Feroza Ring (02) range from basic and simple to ornate and complicated. It’s possible to find designs with additional stones or embellishments.
  • The cultural importance of turquoise in Iran stems from the stone’s long history of usage in Persian and Middle Eastern jewellery. It has a history of serving as a symbol of health, wealth, and safety.
  • The rarity and superior quality of Iranian turquoise makes it a prized possession for collectors. Iranian turquoise jewellery, particularly if it is antique or old, may be rather expensive and desirable.
  • Turquoise is a delicate gemstone that requires special care to prevent scratches and other damage. Keep it away from strong chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics since it is chemically sensitive.
  • Authenticity, number seven: make sure the turquoise in your Irani Feroza Ring (02) is the real deal and not a fake. Reputable jewellers or gemologists can usually verify the item’s authenticity.
  • As with any precious stone, it’s crucial to consider the ethical and environmental impacts of the jewelry you buy. Verify that the turquoise you use comes from a reputable and honest supplier.
  • Whether you’re interested in an Irani Feroza Ring (02) for its beauty, cultural importance, or collector’s worth, you’ll find it’s a unique and significant piece of jewelry. It’s essential to consider the ring’s quality, cut, and authenticity before purchasing it, including researching the jeweler and the stone.

Important Information

Due to variations in measurement instruments, the weight and dimensions of the gem may vary marginally. Because of differences in computer monitor resolution and illumination, the color may not be the same as in real life. Import customs duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. We have no authority over these duties, taxes, etc.

Return and Exchange Policy

We have a return and exchange policy available within 15 days (about 2 weeks) when the shipment is received.
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Irani Feroza Ring (02)
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