Fluorite FL007


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Product Description: 

You appear to be seeking information about the fluorite gemstone. Fluorite is a well-known gemstone due to its stunning hues and crystal forms.  

Key characteristics:   

Type   Fluorite  
code   FL007
Color    Green  
Transparency   crystal 
Hardness   4 Mohs 
Dimension    14*7*5
Weight    4.60
Origin    PAKISTAN


Product Features:  

  • Color: Fluorite gemstones are available in a broad range of hues, including purple, green, blue, yellow, pink, and transparent. They frequently have many hues within the same stone and can range from translucent to transparent. 
  • Hardness: Fluorite is rather soft in comparison to other gemstones, with a Mohs hardness grade of 4 on the scale. As a result, it is prone to scratching, therefore fluorite jewelry should be handled with caution.  
  • Jewelry: Fluorite is often used in jewelry, including rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. It is frequently cut into various forms, including cabochons and faceted stones, to highlight its brilliant colors and distinct patterns. Fluorite jewelry may be highly stunning and is popular among individuals who love its unusual look. 
  • Healing Properties: Fluorite is sometimes said to have therapeutic powers in the domain of alternative and metaphysical traditions. It is said to help with mental clarity, attention, and emotional equilibrium. It is vital to highlight, however, that these views are not scientifically supported. 
  •  Collectability: Fluorite is popular among mineral and gemstone collectors due to its broad spectrum of colors and cubic crystal structure. Fluorite specimens come in a variety of sizes and forms, and some collectors seek out uncommon and vivid specimens. 

Important note: 

The weight and size of the gemstone may slightly differ due to variations in measurement scales. The color may not be the same as in real life because of differences in computer monitor resolution and lighting. The buyer is solely responsible for any import customs duties and taxes in their country. We have no control over these duties, taxes, and so on. 

Return/ Exchange Policy:  

We have a return and exchange policy available within 15 days (about 2 weeks) when the shipment is received. 

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Fluorite FL007
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