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At Maidah's Jewels, our mission is to develop a one stop online shop for all the gems and jewelry lovers in Pakistan and all over the world. our aim is to develop authenticity of our brand worldwide.

Welcome to Maidah’s Jewels – Your Exquisite Source for High-Quality Gemstones and Custom Jewelry

At Maidah’s Jewels, we invite you to look at the enchanting world of precious and non-precious gemstones, meticulously curated and expertly crafted to transform your moments into timeless memories. With a passion for perfection and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are your ultimate destination for breathtaking gemstones and exquisite jewelry.


Maidah’s Jewels is your gateway to an enchanting realm of meticulously curated precious and non-precious gemstones, exquisitely designed to transform your moments into everlasting memories. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of our collection, showcasing the finest gems from around the world. With a passion for perfection, we offer a diverse range of ready-to-wear and custom-made jewelry in premium materials, delivered worldwide. At Maidah’s Jewels, we blend the allure of gemstones with the artistry of master craftsmen, ensuring each piece tells a unique story of elegance and style.


At the heart of MJ about us lies an unwavering dedication to sourcing and showcasing the finest gemstones from around the globe. Every gemstone we offer is a testament to the earth’s natural beauty, masterfully cut and polished to reveal its inherent brilliance. From the radiant allure of diamonds to the mesmerizing hues of sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and beyond, our collection spans a kaleidoscope of colors and varieties that cater to the most discerning tastes.


Gems that Spark, Jewelry that Speaks.

MJ about us --Our Vision

Our vision at Maidah's Jewels is to become a trusted and top source for genuine gemstone jewelry, known for our commitment to authenticity, affordability, and customer satisfaction in Pakistan and All over the World.

Exclusive Gems, Exclusive You

Original Stone Seller
My First moissanite stone received by Maidah's Jewels. Stone Quality was awesome. Recommend Maidah's Jewels to friends & Family watching live sessions.
- Asifa Kamran
Awesome Quality
Aoa everyone....today i received parcel of my one black opal chandi ring and another of Aqeeq stone......both r of awesome quality with original stones....i feel genuinely happy wearing them..jazakillahe kher Maidah,s Jewels. May u prosper more n more.ameen
- Sarah Sidiqqui
Top Quality Gemstones
MashaAllah I Watched daily live sessions Top Quality gemstones in Maidah's Jewels. Today i received my parcel pink tourmaline Attractive stone. Nice Packaging parcel arrived in time. I suggest friends & family members to purchase gemstones from Maidah's Jewels. THANKS
- Usman Ali

Happy Customer

Quick Delivery

Made With Love

Engr. Muhammad Umar Khalid


Rukhsar Naeem

CEO/Sales Director

Syeda Hasbah

Inventary Manager
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